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The Campus Print Shop offers printing and design needs for Isothermal Community College.

The mission of the Campus Print Shop is to provide quality digital printing and graphic design services, within a timely manner, to assist employee in the endeavors to educate students and the community.

We support the mission of Isothermal Community College by maintaining a commitment to operational efficiency and continuous improvement. We accomplish this by providing a professional, high-quality product with our focus on excellence and customer satisfaction.

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Log-in using your Windows username and password under Network Login. Adjunct faculty must register...

This print ordering system is only offered to Isothermal employees.

Steps to placing an order:

  • Log in
  • Select Printing Order or Store Order
  • Fill out ALL appropriate fields
  • Attach the job file (or print the job ticket and submit it with your hard copy via campus mail)
  • Click Finish

Using the Navigation buttons on the left you can order printing (Printing Order) and supplies (Store Orders). Use the tabs above to check the status of jobs (Order Status), resubmit previous jobs (Order History), or contact us.

We will receive your request and begin production. Using Order Status you can view the status of your order.


Once you select Printing Order you will have two options:

  • QUICK COPY - basic black and white print restricted to stapling, 3-hole and collation.
  • PRINT ORDERS - Use this option for all other printing requests; color copying, advanced bindery, additional graphic design needed, etc.

When selecting the best category think about what your finished size of the print request will be.  For example, no more trying to figure out how many fit on a sheet for a postcard.  We have built that all in for you!  Just choose your finished size, the number of finished postcards, and the paper desired.  We preset the cutting  and the system does the rest for you. But don't worry, for those non-typical jobs you have the option of choosing Custom Order.


Use this selection to order your any Lexmark toner on service contracts.  Additionally you can select from a large variety of paper colors with varying weights and sizes.

All paper orders through the store will need a Purchase Order created to the Campus Print Shop for order completion.


Susan Straw, Manager


David Walker, Assistant


Print Shop


Print Shop


  • Digital Printing - Black/White & Full Color Graphic
  • Design - Design of any marketing materials distributed on and off campus
  • Duplicating Services - Printing of official letterhead, envelopes, and folder
  • Print Management - Toner Closet
  • Delivery - Rutherford Campus only


  • Student Presentations - Upon request of faculty for instructional classes the explaining of printing and graphic procedures
  • Wide Format Printing - Contact Susan for this Special Order. Up to 42" wide
  • Mailing Services - Allow us to save you the labor intensive job of hand labeling and inserting. We can print addresses on letters and envelops and insert the letters into envelopes
  • Folding - We can fold up to 12x18 size whether it is a half-fold, letter, double parallel, or other styles
  • Laminating - Laminate posters or documents you want to preserve for later displays. We are able to laminate up to a 25" width.
  • Perforating - Need a form that needs a tear off section? We can perforate to your specific request
  • Cutting - Capable of cutting up to 19" wide
  • Bindery - We can bind your document in a variety of ways including, comb, coil, tape, saddle stitch, and perfect bind
  • Shrink Wrap - We can bundle print requests up to 17" wide and 2" thick
  • Drilling - Drill one, two or three holes to your specifications

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